Stepping Stones Children and Family Service
Date: Each Sunday
Time: 10:00am - 10:30am
Location: Trinity Episcopal Church Chapel
Led by: Fr. Josh Gritter, Assistant Priest

Are you like many parents who want to lay a foundation for your child's spiritual development but feel you don't know where to start? Do you find traditional church too formal and not "child-friendly?" Maybe your child has been baptized but you are struggling to find a community that will help you raise your child in the Christian faith and life. If so, we have GOOD NEWS for you and your family!

Trinity Episcopal Church now offers Stepping Stones, our 30-minute Children and Family Service geared to reach the hearts and minds of little ones and their parents with the wondrous love of God. Stepping Stones is like no other service in the area. 

Rest assured that our Children and Family Service will be:

True, simple church that is fun and engaging for your child and you!

Positive, fast-paced, fun-packed and easy to follow along.

Child-friendly, child-focused – but not childish.

An opportunity for your child to grow in his/her understanding of God's love, together with you.

You'll appreciate this service for the quality time it gives you and your children. Every child's temperament is welcomed - from the quietly contemplative to the highly spirited. We will be blessed to have you join us. Dress any way that is comfortable for you or your child. From flip-flops and shorts or jeans to more business casual attire, our service is structured for ease and comfort.

For more information, contact Fr. Gritter at 321-945-3412 or jgritter@trinityvero.org.